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5 take aways from LinkedIn group strategies.

Lately we’ve been doing some experimental work within LinkedIn, without getting very much into detail, 5 things have set clear:

1. Plan and design

It is crucial to set up the group deliberately. With a purpose in mind, and based on this build up the contents, approach and selection of the people in-house  who is going to participate in and how they’re going to do it.

2. Setting up a hook. Engagement.

People involved need  to be compromised, this starts in-house and extends to the audience.

For doing that is important to set up what going to be the wins of people. From our experience one of the things that was clear was  that is when the have something of value up there, that as well, they can not get anywhere else, the response is massive. This may be obvious, but actually nobody thinks about it.

3. Training session.

Out of 20 people had effectively go through a group in our case.  100% of them had LinkedIn accounts, but almost nobody had a clear idea of what to do with it. This means, that people need training. This training session doesn’t need to be hard-to-shallow technical session, who nobody is going to remember, but something more interacting and engaging. Through which you can learn how to use the tool.

It doesn’t need to be presentation neither, but I’d recommend to do it off-line, so people put a face and some emotion on the learning process. As well, ideally they would be able to be with their computers on the session so they could be practising it while learning.

4. Give life to it. Network your network

Members need to participate, contribute actively and consistently. As anything else in the web it take time to build a community, it doesn’t happen from today to tomorrow, and needs the support of the WOM, as well as the off-line efforts, so any opportunity to spread it out will be good, as well as linking it in every communication: blogs, emails, web, etc.

5. Make their live easier. Works better the pulling rather than the pushing.

People likely come in and participate when you offer something that is of their interest than when you make them questions, and basically make them work. If you offer something to them that help them to do a better job, or is time saving…you got them!.  That’s why if your platform is a place were they can agilize complaints, or contact directly with the person of their interest, they will even doing a effort to get there.