Human socialization basics that you can observe in Facebook

How easy Basic human socialization basics that you can observe in Facebook!, just to start with something:
Mimic. Whichever mood you´ve is likely you transmit to others, because we are continuously sending a receiving feed back from others: smiles create more smiles, violence creates more violence and so on.
In the same way we watch a movie and we can cry because we can “feel” what the character is feeling, actually we are mimicking , and in the same way we do it off-line.
For example, those profiles that shows more pictures of people, and people smiling, are more successful doing new friends.
Certainly people that are approached by an unknown person, look at his/her profile before accepting him/her. Here as in any other off-line process of socialization, good looking is important, but also the feeling, the more friends that person seems to have, more probabilities to be accepted.
This happens in off-line life as well, and the fact is that when we know a person has friends looks more attractive, as well as when someone is attractive to other people we see that persona more attractive. This phenomenon happens also with movie-stars, and any other fan-personality.

There is a book (The tipping point) that talks about “connectors”, those people how know a lot of people, and actually the introduce this people among them. They are network builders. In on-line media socialization, we could talk also about connectors, but in the sense of those kind of profiles that are successful spreading ideas.

Lets talk about the “spreaders”. People who easily spread ideas through internet. this profiles have certain characteristics:
They have a lot of friends, and friends that have friends.
They have credit, because they are read and followed
They are magnetic for whatever reason: from the picture, the contents they talk about, their sense of humor.
They are useful!….yes!, in whatever sense, perhaps they write by themselves something useful, or perhaps they twit useful links,….and of course, whatever is fun, is useful!!!.
Likely they awake feelings in the other users.

About feelings and their relationship with spreading ideas efficiently.

Is obvious that whatever provoke feelings in us works. Because we are emotional animals desperate for socialization. Emotions are links in our socialization process, without them socialization just didn´t exist.
Paradoxically we are aiming a world where getting emotional is each time less practical, and self-control is part of a healthy way of life. So my next question shall be: so, it is social media going to help us to develop a real ’emotional intelligence’, which means use emotions, without being driven by them.

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